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interconnections: marinating in kindness

“If I think of everyone in my life to whom I can feel grateful, an interesting thing happens. Bit by bit I realize that all that I have has come to me from others.

Piero Ferrucci (The Power of Kindness)

Over the last few weeks I have been marinating in the kindness of others.

While my wife has been ill for the last month, mostly confined to her bed, there has been a steady trickle of friends coming through–a couple of hours here, a couple of hours there–to give me a bit of time to rest, or shower, or write a little.

Some people have brought their children for play-dates with Finn and Fred, which really brightens their day, and others have helped out with a little cleaning and fun projects for the boys.

Each brief visit elevates the mood of the house and gives just the right amount of respite. We are grateful to have such caring people around us.

small kindnesses blogsplash

I’ve been made especially appreciative of these small kindnesses as I’ve been preparing for Fiona and Kaspa’s small kindnesses blogsplash which takes place on tuesday 27th.

This week, Fiona is re-releasing her book ‘Small Kindnesses’. As part of the blog splash she is encouraging people to write about a time when they have received a small kindness, and post it to their blog, or facebook, or simply email it out to friends.

A list has been set up so people can find your kindness post on the day, here are the details on what to do and how you can add your blog to the list.

In celebration of the re-release, for today only, Fiona is offering free copies of ‘Small Kindnesses’ for download on Kindle US and Kindle UK

So, between the kindnesses of friends, and the small kindnesses blogsplash I’ve become a little more attuned to the kindness of others.

Here is a small collection of things that I’ve come across online recently that have stuck with me:

self kindness

Yael Saar has built a great blog and thriving community at  Mama’s Comfort Camp which she describes as a ‘refueling station for moms’. Yael has a gift for developing compassionate and creative techniques to help guide people through difficulties, and she posted this wonderful piece on self kindness for the holidays.

It focuses on Thanksgiving, but is very relevant for the next month or so with its avalanche of Holidays from a number of traditions.

I especially liked her pebble ritual which acts as a self kindness spell.

simple kindness

Joel Zaslofsky blogs at Value of Simple, he writes about simplicity in a holistic way–so there’s always something interesting to think about each time you check in. He has made kindness a key element of his business through adopting a charity.

Joel partners with his chosen charity Second Harvest Heartland and sends them a portion of all the money he makes from his blog. He wrote a great post about why, and how it all works. (That’s the post that cemented me as a fan of his)

Anyway, he released a great program for beginning investors called Start Investing with $100 (SIW100) and recorded a great podcast in which he gives away heaps of useful advice for free, you can listen here.

literary kindness

I don’t know Elizabeth Howard, but stumbled onto her site the other day and just fell in love with this great thing she does. Elizabeth is a writer and editor who provides a wonderful service called Demand Poetry , in which she helps people give the gift of poetry.

She sends you a small questionnaire, then writes you a poem based on that to give as gift to someone you love. As an added bonus, it is composed and typed out on an old school Olivetti Lettera  typewriter and mailed off to you ready to frame.

I read some of her sample poems and they are beautiful pieces (I’m very fussy about poetry and she totally passed my test)


I hope you find something in this list inspiring, or helpful.

I’d love to hear about any small kindnesses you’ve experienced recently, maybe you’d like to take part in the blogsplash! Let me know if you do, I’ll come and check out your contribution.

And stop by here tomorrow, when I post my own contribution to the Small Kindnesses blogsplash!

20 Responses to interconnections: marinating in kindness

  1. Amit Amin says:

    Stop by tomorrow, I shall.

    I hope your wife feels better soon!

  2. Ciara Conlon says:

    Wishing your wife a speedy recovery. I love Mama’s comfort camp thanks for sharing. I look forward to tomorrow’s post.

    My acts of kindness recently received
    My wonderful neighbor gave us a lovely bottle of wine for minding her dog for the day.
    My caring mother always arriving at the right time with her kindness
    My husband taking my car to replace the headlamps
    My online friends showing up to support me and my mission!

    • Dave says:

      Hi Ciara,

      Thank you for the kind wishes. I’m glad you like Mama’s Comfort Camp!

      Your list of kindnesses is beautiful, I like the ‘ordinary-ness’ of each of those small kindnesses. Isn’t it great how so much good can come from small actions.

  3. Hi Dave,

    I’m not sure what’s going on with your wife, but anything that restricts you to bed for a month is serious stuff. I hope it’s something acute that will go away and never come back.

    From my perspective, your act of kindness in calling out what I’m doing on Value of Simple makes me grateful. I know blogs aren’t designed to be a revolving door of kindness and gratitude, but sometimes it works out that way. Thank you for the kind words.

    • Dave says:

      Hi Joel,

      Thanks for the kind wishes. And yes, my wife’s condition seems to be acute rather than an ongoing thing. It’s a ridiculously prolonged bout of asthma/bronchitis that has just floored her. She’s starting to turn the corner, with more good days than bad at the moment.

      You’re so welcome for the mention! I’ve wanted to do a list like this for a few weeks, and I knew your blog would have to be on it. Your work was something I really wanted people to know about.


  4. Bobbi Emel says:

    Hi Dave,

    Please convey my wishes for a complete recovery to your wife!

    I love small kindnesses such as a complete stranger giving me a brilliant smile, someone holding a door open for me, and a hug from a good friend.

  5. Dave says:

    Thanks for the kind wishes Bobbi, and I will convey that to Tina!

    Love your list. I watched someone in a bank today walk all the way across the room to open a door for an older lady. That just made me feel good.

  6. Patti says:

    Sending get well wishes for your wife … I hope that she is much, much better soon.

    The kindness of your friends is inspiring – their kindness in stopping by to give you a respite, bring a laugh, or to lend a hand. That is the essence of being a real friend.

  7. HI Dave,
    I was relieved to read in the comments that your wife’s illness is acute, not life-threatening, and taking a turn for the better. Best wishes to you and your family for renewed health and vitality!
    Love, the kindness post idea! Will definitely be checking out tomorrow and some of these posts on kindness. Thank you for sharing this with us!

  8. Yael Saar says:

    Adding more well wishes to the love-pile.
    And also placing a gratitude pebble here, for you, for your art, which I’m so happy to own, and for sharing my post and the Comfort Camp on your blog. Thank you.

  9. Best wishes and warm hugs to everyone in the house.

    great resources thanks so much for sharing!!

  10. Dave says:

    Thank You Lori, so glad you enjoyed the links!

  11. Dave, thanks for this inspirational post – I can never read enough articles about kindness:-)

    I was “sold” on this article the moment I read the headline – what a great concept to be marinating in kindness!

    Wishing all the best for you – and a speedy recovery for your wife.

    Love and best wishes and deep appreciation


  12. Hi Dave! I made it over here on the blogsplash day, and wanted to comment, but I was reading on my iPhone! Arg. Anyhoo. I wanted to say thank you SO much for the kind shout out in your lovely blog about my Demand Poetry work. But more than that, just to say what a wonderful post this was to read in general, so rich and full of good things. Kindness comes in all directions, and when we least expect it.

    Thank you!

  13. Dave says:

    Hi Elizabeth,

    You’re so welcome, I love your poetry service! Pretty sure I found your blog via the blog-splash page. Thanks for the kind words.


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